Thursday, December 15, 2005

Been a while....

Hard to find time to do anything, much less write in a blog, when you're working 16 hours a day. Here's that latest:

Bryce is getting big.
Work is good and bad.
My wife is lovely.
The Texas Longhorn football team is 60 minutes away from the Big Prize.

Company Dog and Pony was tonight. It's always interesting to see how people explain things they didn't create to other people. Food was good.

More to come soon, including an exciting look at the hottest holiday gift you won't have under the tree.

Google whistles a new tune | Tech News on ZDNet

Looks like the long rumored Google - iTunes pertnership had a shred of validity (they usually do).  This can only help the legal online music business.  Instead of finding links to myriad spyware-riddled P2P apps when searching for music, maybe a user will be directed to a resource where they can legally purchase the content.  This is great for the music industry and the online music stores.