Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Stevenote '06

I don't know whether or not I've mentioned it here before but, I'm a huge Apple computer fan. Today they unleashed a couple new software and hardware gems. I won't delve into detail about the hardware (think dual core Intel processors) as I would rather rant about software. The reason I switched to Apple in the first place was their dedication to putting the user first. Everything they do is driven by the user experience. Their latest update to the iLife suite of applications seems no different. They just make complicated things (setting up picture gallery websites, etc.) easy to do. I call if the wife test. If my wife can do it then anyone can. iLife has definitely passed the wife test and this version should only allow her to do more. That seems to me to be the difference between Apple and most other tech companies; they understand what the people really want/need. Check out iLife and, for that matter, a Mac today. You won't be sorry.

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