Thursday, June 29, 2006

Eating Your Own Dogfood

I have spent the better part of the last 6 months extolling the virtues of blogging, podcasting, RSS aggregation and all other manner of popular technologies to our clients and asking them to explore the possibilities of using them to enhance their businesses.

Whilst in a meeting today, I was asked how my company was harnassing the power of these technologies to improve our communications with our customers. I was dumbfounded that I had to answer that we weren't. In our haste to sell someone something, we forgot to try it ourselves. It hadn't even occured to me until today that we don't have a company blog set up. We don't do a lot of the things we tell our customers to do. That's a very sobering thought, but one we're going to change. The company blog goes up tomorrow.

Isn't there an inherent problem in selling something you don't use yourself? I'd love to hear thoughts on this one.

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Lord Deemo said...

I agree with you more than you could ever know. If you knew how much I agreed with you, it would scare you. You would be completely frightened by the level of agreement and the level of agreement would completely frighten you.

Lord Deemo