Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Google Reader Updated?

I have been happily using Google Reader as my primary feed reader since its rebirth last year. I've been impressed with the responsiveness of the app, and while it hasn't always performed like a desktop counterpart, it's been pretty good. During the last several days, however, Reader has been cutting through my feeds like a hot knife through butter. It seems much more responsive now that it ever has at any point. I have not made any modifications to my MacMini, OS X or Firefox 2.01, which I use to browse my feeds. Does anyone know if the Reader team snuck in an update and hasn't told anyone?


Paula Neal Mooney said...

Sweet. I gotta check out the time difference.

I've just recently added a whole bunch of blogs to Google Reader, which I just finally started using last week or so...

I love it.

It's such an easy way to scan blogs fast...

Happy Friday,

p.s. Nice to make your acquiantance thru Explode! and glad your nice mug is now a permanent part of my blog posting!

Bryan said...

Google Reader quickly replaced Bloglines and NetNewsWire as my readers of choice shortly after it's last major upgrade. It's no surprise that Feedburner's numbers show it owning over 50% of the pie.

Explode is an interesting idea. I'm interested to see where they take it.