Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Google Notebook is Live

Google Notebook is live, which we knew would happen. Here's what was somewhat of a surprise to me: it's a Firefox extension. I certainly didn't see that one coming. Did anyone else? It's late, but I'll give a short review here.

First, a "Note this (Google Notebook)" item has been added to the Firfox contextual menu as pictured below.

Basically, anything you can get in your browser window can be "Noted". Google is also adding "Note this" links to your Google search results. Note the link in the picture below.

The Notebook lives in the lower right of your Firefox window and can be minimized or restored. Maximizing it open a new browser windows with a full-screen view of your notebook.

Notes can be manually added and you can create multiple notebooks with the click of a button on the aptly named "Actions" drop-down menu.

I'm sure the blogosphere will disect this thing tomorrow, but, on the surface, it seems easy enough. I'm sure we'll all put it through its paces tomorrow.

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