Sunday, May 07, 2006

TechCrunch » Rapleaf is Now Live

Michael over at TechCrunch just reported on RapLeaf, a portable commerce feedback system a la eBay reputation. The big difference between eBay and RapLeaf is that RapLeaf isn't tied to any service. In other words, you can use your RapLeaf reputation rating on a Craigslist listing and use the same reputation rating in an email response to someone selling something in your local newspaper classifieds or a ticket exchange forum on your favorite sports team's website.

Technically, any electronic communication which supports HTML should support embedding of your RapLeaf reputation "badge". RapLeaf has, or will have, an API, which means this can be integrated into other apps or web "mashups".

eBay really missed an opportunity here and I'll be interested to see if RapLeaf can really catch on with the masses. I didn't see anyting on their site that talked about money and I would be curious to see their business plan (assuming they are indeed trying to make money). Read Michael's write-up at the link below.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for checking out RapLeaf. We are looking forward to your suggestions and ideas on how we can make our service better in the future. Please feel free to write back to me. Thank you for helping us in making the world more ethical and a better place to do business.

Bryan said...

I appreciate the response. I would write back, but have no way to identify you.